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We offer all stages of design documentation:
- High voltage electrical installations up to 22 kV (HV connections, transformer stations)
- Low voltage electrical installations (family houses, residential houses, administrative buildings, halls, shopping centers)
- Electrical Installations (structured cabling, FDA + FAS, VAS, IAS, CCTV, CBS, camera system, VAS)

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Electrical Installations Work

- HV connections and transformer stations up to 22 kV (kiosk-type, built-in)
- Low voltage electrical installations
- Electrical Installations (low current) (structured cabling, FDA + FAS, VAS, IAS, CBS, CCTV, camera system, VAS)

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Electrical Switchboard Production for voltages up to 1 000V, electric currents up to 4 000A and short-circuit resistance up to 75kA.

- Low-voltage switchgears
- Construction switchgear
- Electrometer switchgears
- Smart switchgears
- Standard switchgears

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Checks and Maintenance

Initial and repetitive checks and record reviews in Class A, B (with/withou danger) – HV cables and transformers up to 22 kV.
- Low voltage electrical installations
- Lightning conductors
- Hand Tools

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Engineering Activities

Preparation of documents and design documents for the Engineering Permit & Inspection Process
- Communication with the authorities (firefighters, distribution, etc.)

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Supply and installation of PVP

- designing photovoltaic power plants
- supply and installation of photovoltaic power plants

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